This is why JOHNSON MWAKAZI has been left jobless.

This is why JOHNSON MWAKAZI has been left jobless.

WTV, the station that poached Johnson Mwakazi from Citizen TV has gone broke and shut down after making huge losses.

In June 2013, WTV poached Johnson Mwakazi from Royal Media Services at a time when his career was at its peak. Johnson Mwakazi was poached to become the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  WTV which was struggling at the time and has now gone off air this week, leaving 50 employees jobless.

Employees of the station that mainly aired business news were informed that broadcasting had been suspended until further notice and production of programmes stopped. Journalists at WTV were poorly paid and their salaries delayed for months, leading to a mass exodus which left the station relying on interns and this compromised the quality of their programmes. The station could therefore not attract premium advertising in a market that is flooded by many players after the digital migration last year.


Johnson Mwakazi