Kalonzo reveals the person behind the closure of his foundation.

Kalonzo reveals the person behind the closure of his foundation.

Kalonzo Musyoka who is NASA presidential running mate, hit out at Deputy President William Ruto, blaming him for the closure of his foundation known as Kalonzo Musyoka foundation.

Kalonzo accused Ruto of instigating malicious allegations against him and witchhunt.

“We know people who were driven by vendetta and it is number two and his people,” he said. “I am not exonerating [President Uhuru Kenyatta] but I would be very surprised if he would besmirch a family.”

Kalonzo said Ruto is abusing his powers as Deputy President to unfairly target his vicious critics, with an aim of subjecting them to submission.

He said Ruto had recruited senior officials in the government at the Presidency to silence criticism ahead of the August 8 polls.

In reference to Ruto, Kalonzo said: “You can all guess why the number two and his people are in my case as we head into the general election.”

The National NGO Coordination Board on Tuesday suspended the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation for, among other things, failing to account for Sh141 million received from donors.

The foundation’s accounts were frozen, a move Kalonzo vowed to challenge in court. The board also ordered forensic investigations into the affairs of the foundation on possible cases of money laundering and diversion of donor aid.

But Ruto’s spokesman David Mugonyi dismissed the claims accusing Kalonzo of playing politics.

“We know Musyoka’s statement is meant to serve some political interest. He should respond to specific questions irrespective of who is asking and stop looking for scapegoats,” Mugonyi said.

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