List of popular Kenyan female TV anchors whose thirst for S£X has messed up their lives

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Kenyan Female TV anchors whose thirst for S£X has messed up their lives.

Kenyan Female TV anchors : Victoria Rubadiri.

She broke her v!rg!in!ty at 18 and her life was nearly messed up after she fell pregnant at a young age. Victoria had to drop out of school to take care of her baby and she once confessed how some of her family members rejected her.

All these problems were caused because of her thirst for s3x.

Kenyan Female TV anchors : Lillian Muli.

The controversial anchor was divorced by her husband because of infidelity. She has been dishing out her flesh to the high and mighty among them Shabana FC Chairman, Jared Nevaton.

Cynthia Nyamai.

Just like Lillian Muli, the former KTN anchor was divorced by her husband because of infidelity. Cynthia is alleged to have warmed up the beds of who is who in politics and businessmen behind her husband’s back.

Kenyan Female TV anchors

Kenyan Female TV anchors : Esther Arunga.

Esther Arunga was in a serious relationship with Wilson Malaba and they were planning a wedding but after she tasted Quincy Timberlake’s “propeller”, she was reduced to a zombie and her life was totally messed up. Were it not for her thirst for s3x, she may still be the queen of the screen.

Kenyan Female TV anchors : Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena.

Although Kanze Dena looks cool and reserved, she started tasting “propellers” in high school. Kanze was impregnated in form four and nearly committed suicide after falling pregnant.  Up to now, she never trusts men and may never get married after a man messed up with her life in her youthful days due to her love for s3x.

Kenyan Female TV anchors : Sheila Mwanyigah.

She spent her youthful days exchanging men like clothes and dishing out her flesh to anyone with money from Prezzo to an aging city billionaire who owns a radio station. Sheila is clocking her late thirties with no signs of settling down anytime soon and love for s3x in her youthful days may have messed up everything.

Kenyan Female TV anchors : Jacque Maribe.

Instead of falling in love with her age-mates, she prefers aging men with fat wallets.

However, her hot blood was cooled down after she was allegedly impregnated by a prominent politician. From the look of things, she may forever remain a single mother. Her love for s3x and bad history with men is well known in the media fraternity.

Kenyan Female TV anchors:  Ann Kiguta.

The s3xy anchor was once beaten like a dog by her boyfriend after she was accused of cheating on him with other men.  Ann had to walk out of the relationship due to frequent physical assaults she got from her boyfriend,  who accused her of sleeping with the high and mighty.

She still has marks from the beatings she got from her boyfriend.