Loreto High School Limuru – National schools in Kenya, Location, fees, Contacts.

Loreto High School Limuru – National schools in Kenya, Location, Portal, Contacts.

Loreto High School Limuru is a girls’ National School located in Karambaini, in the highlands of Limuru, Kiambu County. It is approximately 28 kilometres from the capital city of Nairobi.

Loreto High School Limuru opened its doors On December 4, 1936 to its first students with the  school founders being the Sisters of Loreto, who came from Ireland to Kenya in 1921 as Catholic missionaries to improve educational opportunity for girls in the area.

The original vision of Loreto High School Limuru founders was to educate African girls who, at that time, were denied the right to an academic education. Loreto High School Limuru has been suggested to have inspired people such as Wangari Maathai who won Nobel Peace Prize for protecting the environment.


To be a centre for instilling positive values and attaining high academic standards.


United in Love and Peace


Provision of quality education through holistic growth of the girl-child in order to nurture women of integrity and intellect who will be agents of positive change.



Fees and Account No.

For enquiries on fee structure and the account number, kindly contact the school Principals Office.

Loreto High School LimuruContact

Loreto High School Limuru
Private bag Limuru
postal code 00217-Limuru
Phone: +2540202023196
Cell:+254721747039 /733921900
Email : admin@loretolimuru.co.ke