mCHEZA Kenya- how to register, betting, charges, winners, how to withdraw, contacts.

mCHEZA Kenya- how to register, betting, charges, winners, how to withdraw, contacts.

mCHEZA Kenya. mCHEZA is a premier sports gaming platform that allows you to place bets on 45 different sports worldwide.

mCHEZA Kenya: How to register

To register SMS “Cheza” to 29888. You will receive a confirmation message that contains a 4-digit PIN on the same message. Use this PIN to activate your online account.

mCHEZA Kenya: How to register online?

To register, log on to the new mCHEZA site: On the top right hand side, you will find the Login and Register section. The username is your phone number and the password is the PIN code sent to you via the confirmation SMS. When you log in, you will be prompted to add your personal details such as Your full names, region; you can now set your memorable password which you will use to log in to your online mCHEZA account at any given time.

mCHEZA Kenya: How do I know that my account is active?

mCHEZA Kenya
mCHEZA Kenya

After you have filled in your details correctly, you will be prompted again to log in. Use your newly registered details (username as phone number, Password as your new PIN).A pop up window in green should appear, confirming your registration.

After that you  may now proceed to the home page to place your bet by clicking on any game, and placing bets on any of the 45 sports offered by mCHEZA.

mCHEZA Kenya: How to Top Up my account with Money

To top up your mCHEZA account,  go to the MPESA Menu, Payment services, pay bill number 295525 your phone number and enter the amount you wish to deposit. This will automatically load your mCHEZA account, and you can use the money to bet online.

mCHEZA Kenya: How to check my balance

You may check your balance by either viewing your balance in your online profile. To do so,  open your profile and click the tab to your left labelled ‘check balance’.You can also check via SMS by sending the word ‘balance’ to 29888.

mCHEZA Kenya: How to place bet on mCHEZA?

There are three options to select from when betting; In this case, we assume a simple bet on who shall win a match.

1 – Home Team wins

X – Draw result

2 – Away Team wins

To bet on your team, visit the mCHEZA website and identify the game(s) you wish to bet on. Select the various odds you wish to place on each game (the odds you select will appear gold in colour). The bets you have placed will be found in your betting slip on the right hand side of the website.

To place a single bet, type out the amount of money you wish to place on the space given alongside each bet. If you wish to make a multibet, go to the bottom of all the games selected and type in the amount of money you wish to bet for the games. Click on the ( image) button to place your multibet

We have many different options for you to bet and these are called markets. The odds are clearly displayed next to the various markets. Some matches may have less markets than others , which means that the odds on that particular selection may be too low or may not be available at the moment.

The minimum amount you can place a bet with is Kshs 100 and the maximum limit is set in the terms and conditions.

mCHEZA Kenya: How to cancel a bet

A bet can be cancelled up to 10 minutes after the acceptance of the bet and before the kick off of the matches that a player has placed wagers on.This can only be done via SMS by sending cancel#BetId to 29888

mCHEZA Kenya:How to Withdraw Money from mCHEZA

To withdraw your winnings or deposit from your betting wallet, SMS the word ‘cashout’, followed by a hash tag ‘#’ and lastly the amount ‘100’ to 29888 – excluding any space in between. For example,

“cashout#100” to 29888.

mCHEZA Kenya:  Eligibility

Anyone from the ages of 18 and above are eligible to play on mCHEZA.

mCHEZA Kenya: How many times one can I play on mCHEZA?

You can play as many times as you desire but within the daily limits on bet values and pay-outs set aside in our Terms and Conditions

mCHEZA Kenya: How many other sports one can bet on in mCHEZA?

You have the option to place bet on Forty-five different sports. Ranging from Football to Darts.

Visit and place your bet today.

mCHEZA Kenya: How much is the entry level jackpot players expect to win?

The Jackpot element is a very exciting element of the local sports betting market. The Jackpot segment is available on; whereupon you may place any combination on the Jackpot and who knows, you may be our next group of winners.

mCHEZA Kenya: What to do if one no longer wish to participate in mCHEZA?

In case you want to leave mCHEZA, please send an email to and we shall exit you.

mCHEZA Kenya: How do I know I have won on mCHEZA?

You can check the balance of your gaming account and we shall have deposited your winnings a few minutes after the game ends. The extra minutes allows us to validate the results and post them on our website

mCHEZA Kenya: How far back do past results on mCHEZA go?

At least 1 month of results will be published on our website

mCHEZA Kenya: How often is the site updated?

The site is a live site and is updated as soon as the odds change or the results are confirmed.

mCHEZA Kenya: Who to contact when one has challenges participating in mCHEZA?

You can reach us on Facebook or Twitter or send us an email to or call

us on the following lines: +254 (0) 709 229 888, +254 (0) 709 042 000 or +254 (0) 780 229 888

mCHEZA Kenya: Contact

Safaricom: +254 (0) 709 229 888

Airtel: +254 (0) 780 229 888

For general inquiries, send us an email via:

For Job applications, send us an email via: