Mwanahamisi Hamadi- Biography, Husband, Married, Daughter.

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Mwanahamisi Hamadi- Biography, Husband, Married, Daughter.

Mwanahamisi Hamadi is Citizen TV’s Swahili anchor who graces the screens every night and is best known for her smile and fluency in Swahili.


Last year there was a scandal of epic proportions after Mwanahamisi, Swaleh Mdoe, Shisia Wasilwa, Kimeli Arap Kemei, Yusuf Ali and several other RMS personalities were indefinitely suspended.

The top journalists were suspended after they allegedly received a bribe to ‘kill’ a story from a prominent Nairobi politician.


Mwanahamisi is a single mother and lives alone with her child but frequently gets visits from the child’s father who is know as Salim Cheka a presenter at Radio Salaam.

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