Has ROSE MUHANDO been be-witched? She is going through this!

Has ROSE MUHANDO been be-witched? She is going through this!

Rose Muhando who is a Tanzanian singer, has revealed that she has taken a break from her thriving music career since she has been battling a strange disease that has made her life unbearable.

Rose Muhando says that she has been experiencing pain all over her body and When she visits the hospital, doctors find it difficult to get a correct diagnosis for her condition.

Rose Muhando says that there was a time she was confused after rashes developed on her body and could also feel small animals crawling over her body.

“I could feel things – small animals – crawling all over my body. Normally, it is my legs that ache often. But about the rashes, I honestly don’t know the cause. The rashes were too itchy to a point I would feel as if someone was pricking my skin with a needle. When I visited the hospital, they did not find any problem with my health. The doctors only gave me pain killers. The rashes would later dry up but leave many black spots on my body. They had such a burning sensation to a point I thought I would die. But now I am recovering”. She added.

Rose MuhandoBitten by Snake

Earlier this year, Rose Muhando was admitted to hospital after being bitten by a snake in her compound on January 19.

“I just bumped into it outside my gate and it turned out to be poisonous. I was admitted in hospital for two days,” Rose Muhando narrated.