Justbet kenya- Registration, How to Bet, Jackpot, Cancellation of bets, Deposit, Withdraw, Paybill Number, Contacts.

Justbet kenya- Registration, How to Bet, Jackpot, Cancellation of bets, Deposit, Withdraw, Paybill Number, Contacts.

To place a bet on Justbet kenya you must have created a JUSTBET account by registering for Free.

Justbet kenya: Registration

To register, simply SMS word PLAY to 29556 or Click on Register Link on our website.

JustBet allows you to Load your account through M-Pesa Paybill No. 295556.

Justbet kenya: How to Bet

JustBet presents you with two simplest ways to Bet – Online and SMS.

You can always place bet online through this website www.justbet.co.ke or through SMS shortcode 29556.

How to JustBet in 6 Steps.

1. Register for Free on www.justbet.co.ke or Send word PLAY to 29556.

2. Load your JustBet account. Use Mpesa Paybill 295556 – Account Justbet.

3. Place Bets (Single Bet/Multibet) on Featured matches.Justbet kenya

4. Wait for Outcome.

5. Withdraw your Winnings by using Withdraw button on account Area or sending word Withdraw Amount to 29556. E.g. Withdraw 5000. Send to 29556.

6. Winnings sent immediately.

Justbet kenya: Notes.

– Minimum bet is 50/= and Maximum bet is 20,000.

– Maximum Winnings per day is 200,000/=.

– Winnings are credited immediately the results are known.

– Withdraws processed and sent immediately.

– All soccer games results are based on 90 minutes plus injury time.

Justbet kenya: Betting online.

To place bets online visit our website www.justbet.co.ke

1. Login using your account. [Username and Password]

2. Select bets by clicking on them.

3. Click the plus + to view more betting options.

4. On your betting slip Enter the desired amount you would like to bet with.

5. Click Place Bet to complete your bet.

6. On the page you will notice Your Bet is successfully placed as well as your amount debited from your JustBet Balance.

7. When you win, you possible winnings will be credited to your account.

Justbet kenya: Betting with SMS.

1. SMS Word Games to 29556.

2. You will receive the day’s games with their corresponding codes.

3. Place bet by sending composed message to 29556 by following format [GameID#Prediction#Amount].

4. You will receive notification your bet is successful.

5. When you win, you will receive Congratulation notification message.


Justbet kenya: How much does it cost to open a justbet.co.ke account?

No money is charged to open a justbet.co.ke account. Opening a justbet.co.ke account is free.

Justbet kenya: What are the requirements for opening a justbet.co.ke account?

You must be above 18(Eighteen) years with valid registrations. You should have a valid phone number preferably registered with Mobile money transfer services and you should supply valid email address. You should fill in the registration form in totality as provided for when opening an account.

Justbet kenya: Am unable to register?

Make sure you have filled in all the fields on the registration form. Again make sure you tick that you agree to Terms & Conditions and you are above 18 years of age.

Justbet kenya: Can I bet with zero balance?

No. The minimum amount for betting is Kshs. 100.

Justbet kenya: What is the Minimum Amount of money can I deposit to my justbet.co.ke account?

Atleast Kshs. 100. This will allow you to place one bet.

Justbet kenya: What is the Maximum amount of money can I deposit to my justbet.co.ke account?

Kshs. 200,000.

Justbet kenya: How can I fund my justbet.co.ke account?

You can only fund your account using Mpesa Paybill 295556 with account number JUSTBET the amount of money you would wish to fund your betting account with.

Justbet kenya: Can I place Multi-Bet as one bet?

Yes. You can Place a Multi-Bet that several Teams will Win. Please Note you Cannot Combine Multi-Bet of the Same Event/Game.

Justbet kenya: Can I cancel my bet after placing a bet?

No. You cannot cancel a bet. Once you hit the confirm bet button we consider that as a bet.

Justbet kenya: How can I keep track of my bets?

When you are logged in, click on “View Bets” button to check your bets. You will see all your bets you have placed and their corresponding results.

Justbet kenya: What is the minimum amount of money I can place a bet with?

Kshs. 100.

Justbet kenya: What is the maximum amount of money can I place a bet with in a particular game?

Kshs. 20,000.

Justbet kenya:  Can I place bets via Mobile phone?

Yes you can. The site is designed to open on regular browsers like Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Chrome and you can now bet on short code by sending the word PLAY to 29556.

Justbet kenya: I Placed one bet and it duplicated?

Yes. At times we have this error occurring especially when placing bets using your mobile phone. Call customer care immediately to have this error rectified immediately.

For Soccer, Results are based on what time?

Unless stated otherwise, all results are based on normal time plus the injury time. Games where a winner has to be determined are marked as outright winner.

Outright winner, when is the winner determined?

For those betting on outright winner, the winner can be determined on the 90 minutes, additional minutes (30 minutes) or at the penalties.

Justbet kenya: When are results posted?

The results for any game are posted immediately the outcome is known.

When are my Winnings credited to my account?

Your winnings are credited immediately after the results have been posted.

Do you post exact scores or results on this website?

No we do not. We specifically post the outcome of the match which reflects in your bet statement. We do not maintain a results page which shows the number of goals, who scored etc.

Where can I find the result of a specific game?

There are numerous websites on the internet publishing results for all the games. We at justbet.co.ke rely on results posted on;





You can also use popular search engines like www.google.com, www.yahoo.com or www.bing.com to search for game results.

When is my balance updated?

Immediately the result is updated.

I won the game but the balance is not reflected?

You may need to log out and login again to see your updated balance.

My account balance is not what I expected?

Check the results for the game. If there is an error in your account please contact customer care numbers to have your account rectified.

What is the maximum amount of money can I maintain in my justbet.co.ke account?

Kshs. 200,000.

Justbet kenya: My Account balance has errors?

If your account balance has errors call customer care immediately to have it rectified call 0716 912 505 or 0789 757 858 .

Justbet kenya: withdraw

To withdraw funds, click on the Withdraw button on your user panel area on the web or simply SMS Withdraw Amount to 29556. e.g. Withdraw 7800. Your winnings are sent immediately.

Justbet kenya: When can I withdraw my money?


Justbet kenya: Can I withdraw all my winnings?


 Justbet kenya: I used the withdraw button and I have not received my money?

In addition to using the withdraw button, you need to send an SMS with the word withdraw to 29556.

Justbet kenya: How many times can I withdraw in a day?

We have provisions for not more than 5 times in a day. However the amount is limited to Kshs. 100,000 on one particular day.

Justbet kenya:  Can I withdraw immediately after winning?


Justbet kenya:  What is the Minimum Amount of money can I withdraw from my justbet.co.ke account?

Atleast Kshs. 100.

Justbet kenya:  What is the Maximum amount of money can I withdraw from my justbet.co.ke account?

Kshs. 100,000 on one particular day.

Justbet kenya: What is the official channel for launching complains?

email us on bets@justbet.co.ke or sms to 29556. For personalized customer care you can call

0789 757 858.