Roll Call Betting-Registration, How to play, Withdraw, Deposit, Charges, Contacts.

Roll Call is one of the betting companies in Kenya that gives participants a chance to bid so as to have their number called out.


To register for Roll Call, send A to 22003. To participate one must be 18years and above. Roll call facebook page also provides an alternative short code for SMS as 29003.

Roll Call

How to place a bid

One has to register first before placing a bid. Registration process is as explained above.

  1. Open the Mpesa Menu in your phone
  2. Go to Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Enter paybill Number 265677
    4.Use the word ‘Roll’ on the Account Number
    5.Enter the amount for the bid then enter your mpesa pin. A bid starts from Ksh 20
    6.Send A to 22003 to receive a roll call number

E Wallet

You get an E wallet automatically when you register. You deposit into the E wallet using the paybill number 265677. Once you have money in your E wallet, send A to 22003 to receive the roll call number.

The 5th 10th 50th 100th 1000th 5000th Numbers are the winners

Once you win, you receive a message confirming that your bid was successful

Checking E wallet balance

To check your balance, SMS the word ‘bal’ to 22003

How to withdraw from E wallet

To withdraw send an SMS, W#amount to 22003. The money will be deposited into your mpesa account

Withdrawal Charges

To withdraw from E wallet, for amounts below Ksh1000 you will be charged Ksh 15 and for amounts above 1000 you are charged ksh 22


0703 012 222