Radio presenter Carol Radull and husband break-up.

Radio presenter Carol Radull and husband break-up.

News on Carol Radull and Mike Njiru’s marriage break-up has been confirmed on the biggest English radio station in the region ‘Classic FM’, where Maina Kageni brought up the news during a live broadcast.

Things seem to be taking a different turn for the publicly known happy couple whose romantic luxury holidays have been enviable.

“To find peace, sometimes you have to be willing to lose your connection with the people, places, and the things that create all the noise in your life,’’ Carol Radull recently posted suggesting she was starting a new.“Sometimes you need to give up on people,” she added.

The two had their lavish private wedding at an Ocean Beach resort in Diani in 2009. They have however been having issues with their marriage and Radull has already dropped the Njiru name from all her applications.

Carol Radull