2021 Mock Home Science Paper 3 with Answers – Kenya High School

THE TESTYou are intending to visit your elder sister during the holidayUsing the ingredients listed below prepare, cook and serve one course meal and hot beverage for both of you.

IngredientsPotatoes /rice / maize flourGreen grams / beef / beansGreen leafy vegetables / cabbageCarrotsTomatoesGreen pepperOnionsSaltSugarSpicesCooking oil / fatFruits in seasonMilk

PLANNING SESSION: 30 MINUTESUse separate sheets of paper for each task listed below and use carbon paper to make duplicate copies then proceed as follows;Identify the dishes and write down their recipesWrite down your order of workMake a list of food stuffs and equipments you will require

Marking Scheme

1. PLANRecipesAvailabilityCorrect quantitiesSuitability of itemsOrder of workAvailabilitySuitability of itemsList of foodstuffs materials and equipmentsAvailabilityAdequacyAppropriateness

2. PREPARATIONCorrect proceduresProteinCarbohydratesVitaminsHot beverageMethods of cooking(at least 2)Quality of resultsProteinCarbohydrateVitaminHot beverage

3. PRESENTATIONUtensilsappropriatenesscleanliness and not smudgedNot overfilledTable settingClean and well pressed table clothPresence of menu cardCorrect flower arrangementProper arranged 2 coversOne course meal and hot beverage presented

4. GENERALHygiene – personal (1) and food (1)Economy of resources food( ½) water (½) fuel (½) materials (½)Cleaning up during (1) and after (1) work