Tips on taking care of your nails after gel manicures.

Tips on taking care of your nails after gel manicures.

Constantly getting gel manicures will leave your nails extremely soft, thin and peeling off. To get your nails back to normal you need to do the following:

1. Get a sealing wax polish

This will coat your nails with a substance made from honey and beeswax. After applying this mixture on the nails, there is a thin film on nail that protects it from external stimuli, making it strong and shine with natural gloss.

2. Keep the nails short

The longer damaged nails grow, the more stratified they become and accordingly the more they crack and peel. To avoid that, always keep your nails short.

3. Have Paraffin baths

This will enrich your nails with useful micro-elements and also cures skin desquamation and dehydration, while also slowing down the skin aging and wrinkling. You will need to repeat this several times for better results.

4. Moisturise

Get any cuticle oil e.g jojoba oil or apricot oil and begin by massaging from the bottom to the tip of your nails and follow this with a lubricating nail oi.

5. Eat right

Pay attention to your diet as the nails are now your patient which needs to heal. Make sure you consume plenty of proten, calcium and you can also take supplements to ensure that you are getting enough of these minerals.

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