2017 KCSE English Paper 1 Past Paper-Free KCSE Past Papers with Answers.

2017 KCSE English Paper 1 Past Paper

1. Imagine that you are a former drug addict who has recovered rehabilitation centre. You have been invited to a youth forum drug and substance abuse among the youth. after spending three months in a to talk about ways of preventing

Write down the speech you would deliver during the occasion. Education, teachers and some school principals will attend. Students, the County Director of (20 marks)

2. Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with an appropriate word. (10 marks)

A rich vocabulary can only be acquired through wide reading, and can only be (a)………….in the mind through (b) extensive reading. Dictionaries are useful up to a point. They give information where needed. (c) the exact flavour of a word can only (d) familiar with repeated encounters of (e) in different contexts. It is (f) remembering that we acquire (g) all our active vocabulary without the help of a dictionary at all. (h) in the acquisition of vocabulary, the course book and the dictionary are mere (i) in a more natural process founded chiefly (j) leisure-time reading.

3. (a) Read the Song below, and answer the questions that follow: (30 marks)

Maize has a market

Sorghum has a market

Maize has a market

What about my children?

My children’s market is the graveyard

What about my children?

My children’s market is the graveyard

You are a backbiter

You are a witch

You are a gossip

My children

You will kill them because of jealousy

My children

You will kill them because of jealousy.

Adapted from Magomoro: Portrait of an African Village (1987) Landeg White, Cambridge

University Press, 1987

(i) With an illustration in each case, identify any three features that contribute to the oral nature of the song. (6 marks)

(ii) Briefly explain why the word “You” should be stressed while performing the song. 1/4.) (2 marks)

(b) Identify a sound feature in each of the short forms given below. (6 marks)

(i) Challenge: It can be cracked, It can be made.

It can be told, It can be played. What is it?

Respondent: A joke

(ii) A good wife and health are man’s best wealth.

(iii) Ken can can a can of curled Kales.

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, 2017

(c) Group the following words according to the pronunciation of the underlined letters. (4 marks)

guide fluid juice cruise biscuit

anguish built quite suitable equipment

guilt (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

(d) For each of the following words underline the part that is stressed.

(e) You have just attended a public meeting where various speakers were sensitizing people on the problem of cheating in national. examinations. A news reporter who was covering the function decides to interview you.

Fill in the gaps in the conversation so that it flows naturally.

Reporter: Hello, what is your name and what do you do?


(1 mark)

(1 mark)

You: I found the talk both enlightening and useful.


What is the most outstanding thing that you hPe learnt today?


(2 marks)


(1 mark)


I would like to tell them that

(1 mark)


(1 mark)

2017 KCSE English Paper 1 Past Paper-Marking Scheme/Answers

Expect a speech if not deduct (4 marks)

Organization (3 marks) A speech is very similar to an essay; it should have an introduction, body and conclusion.The introduction should grab the audience’s attention and state the focus of the speech! disclosure of topic. Body — Expect points with supporting details.The conclusion should let the audience know that the speech is over/ give the audience something to think about or call the attention to act.

Acknowledgements — In expected order.

Content — The issues to be highlighted.

Style – features of spoken language, regular direct address to the audience, use of first person point of view.Language and mechanics of writing (8 marks)

Generic Marking Scheme for Paper 1 — Language Use

Group D (01 — 02 Marks)Candidate does not communicate and their language ability is so minimal that the examiner has to guess what they intended to write. Poor use of expressions Poor use of punctuation marks Hardly any correct sentences Spelling errors Broken usage must be identified.

Group C (03 – 04 Marks)Construction errors, the candidate is hampered Lack of confidence in language use Very simple sentences All manner of grammatical errors Mother tongue interference Poor organization of ideas The flow is jerky, misused prepositions and idioms; digresses a lot

Group B (05 — 06 Marks)Communicates fluently, with ease of expression Well-constructed sentences Good use of vocabulary Some errors Items of merit, individual words

Group A (07 — 08 Marks)Ease of expression with no errors of punctuation, spelling and grammar Good planning/organization of ideas (flow of ideas) Clever use of vocabulary and maturity in language use/style Definite spark and unusual style Originality of ideas

1. Body/Content: (8 marks); broken down into: Experience (E) 2: the students must demonstrate that he/she has been a drug addict and now reformed. (2 marks)

— Three ways of preventing: 3×2; (6 marks)Language: (8 marks)Format: (6 marks)

2 .a) retained

.b) continued/sustained

.c) But

.d) become

.e) it

.f) worth

.g) almost/nearly

.h) Thus

.i) aids/tools/resources

.j) on

3.(a) i. Conversational features/direct address e. g. “You” Repetition: “what about my children?” Alliteration (maize, market, my market) Direct translation: maize has a market Consonance: Will/kill; what/about Rhyme: will/kill (2 x 3 marks, l for identification, lfor illustration) N/B: mark the first three, draw a line.It calls attention to the perpetration of the evil deeds of the one to blame for the death of the persona’s children. Because of its accusatory nature. Source of the problems of the persona (Any 1 point 2 marks each) (b)

i. Onomatopoeia- cracked

ii. Rhyme-health and wealth

m. Alliteration |k| sound

iv. Consonance: ken/can

v. Assonance: can/curdled

(2 x 3 marks, 1 mark for identification, l mark for illustration)

(c) guide anguish juice biscuit

quite equipment cruise built

(1 x 4 = 4 marks)

(d) mis.use





(1 x 5 = 5 marks)

suitable guilt N/B: do not accept stress markers

(e) Sample answer

YOU : I am MungaloMwaniki, and I am a student at Kenyatta University. (1 mark)

REPORTER : How did you find the talk about cheating in national examinations‘? (1 mark)

YOU : That a student who cheats in exams obtains grades that do not reflect his/her ability. Consequently, many students cannot make it in the courses they are admitted to. (2 marks)

REPORTER : I see. What would you like to tell your fellow students then? (1 mark)

YOU : I would like to tell them that cheating in exams ultimately does not help anyone. They should avoid it and Work hard. (1 mark)

REPORTER : Thank you for your insightful responses, Mungalo. (1 mark)

(Appreciate the interviewee)

Expect any other relevant/reasonable responses. (Yes/No answers do not score)