Gulf African Bank Lamu Branch- Location, Products, Services, Branches, Contacts.

Gulf African Bank Lamu Branch is the first and largest Islamic Bank in Kenya and one of the fastest growing banks in the history of the banking sector of the country. The bank offers fully Shari’ah compliant products and services that address the needs of not just Muslims, but everyone in the country including individuals, corporate companies, and institutions.

Gulf African Bank Lamu Branch products and services

-Personal Financing
-Business Solutions
-24/7 Customer Support
-eBanking and Rates


Physical Location: Old Telkom Office, Jomo Kenyatta Road.
Mobile Number: +254 (0) 711 075 000
Telephone Number: +254 (0) 711 075 000
Postal Address: P.O. Box: 43683 -00100, Nairobi
Email Address: