Redsan- Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Career, Songs.

Swabri Mohammed popularly known as Redsan is a Kenyan reggae and ragga musician. He is among most well renowned ragga and dancehall artists in East Africa. Redsan’s popularity is now extended to the rest of Africa and parts of Europe, United States and the Middle East.

He was born on 1st May 1981 and raised in the informal housing sector in Majengo in Nairobi. Coast is actually his home of origin and he belongs to the Mijikenda tribe of Duruma. In 2002, his first album, Seasons of the San, was released under the Ogopa DJs label. His career propelled to higher heights with more international shows after the release of his first album. In 2004, he released his second album Red and his third album Pioneer followed in 2006, were also big hits and many loved his albums.


He was born on the 1st May, 1981.


In 2012, Redsan got married his longtime beautiful Kenyan wife Viverz Mohammed and together they are blessed with four adorable children. Swabri Mohammed is a private person and wants his family to enjoy their privacy. In addition he wants to offer them protection from cyberbullies.


He was named Swabri Mohammed at birth and raised in the informal housing sector in Majengo in Nairobi. He grew up having interest in different instruments and listening to the songs of Bob Marley which led him into learning reggae and ragga music. Currently, he is one of the most well-renowned ragga and dancehall artists in East Africa and Africa in large.

Net Worth

His net worth estimate in 2019 was $100,0000 – $1 Million and his 2020 net worth is not yet in public domain and information will be updated as soon as it’s available.



In his music career, he began when he was the winner of the Star Search challenge hosted at Carnivore discothèque in Nairobi in 1998. In 2002, he released his 1st album ‘Seasons of the San’ as part of the Ogopa Djs unit. This album included hit songs such as Julie and Wanipa Raha which propelled him to fame in Kenya, East Africa and abroad. Swabri Mohammed then embarked on his career and released his 2nd album under Southwest Records. It also included hit song such as Bageya, which was collaborated with Chameleone, Ugandan artist.

Redsan’s second album Red, was released in 2004 and contained hit tracks which included Chicken, Malaika and Apakatwe. The third album, Pioneer, was released in 2006 with hit jams such as Kenyan and Touch. Redsan’s own music is now being produced by Monalisa and as an artist he continues to write all the songs sometimes with co-writers. He has toured in several countries around Africa and entire world. Redsan has gotten the nickname ‘Absentee Dance hall King” in Kenyan media as he is always on tour outside his home country, Kenya.

In 2013, he featured Demarco, Jamaican artist, on the remix to his hit single called Badder Dan Most and this single gained him a lot of airplay and broadened his musical reach. Lucrative music deal with Pan Africa music company Rockstar4000 was followed.

Songs and Albums

-Mikono Juu
-Step on it
-Seasons of the San (2002)
-Red (2004)
-Pioneer (2006)
-Versatility (2009)
-The Baddest (2018)