UHURU’s passion for WAIGURU! He wants to take her to State House to be powerful again

President Uhuru Kenyatta is reportedly considering appointing former Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Miss Anne Waiguru, as the Secretary to the Cabinet, a post which has remained vacant since the departure of Francis Kimemia in March, 2015.

According to an impeccable source in State House, Uhuru wants to give Waiguru the job because she requested ‘lighter duties’ during her resignation in November last year and she did not resign because of corruption.

But Uhuru’s proposal has met fierce opposition from senior Government officials who argue that this will give opposition a fodder to bash them if Waiguru returns to Cabinet.

Others argued that giving her such a position would make her one of the most powerful people in Government.

“Those opposed to Waiguru’s return argue that this would help propel the idea that State House has been shielding her. They also argue that the President would have a hard time seeking Parliamentary approval if it is needed for her new position,” a State House official said.

Another source said that those opposed to Waiguru’s return argue that she will take away their power and block their interests in key Government tenders.

Waiguru resigned in November last year citing health concerns after she was linked to the loss of Sh 791 million from the National Youth Service (NYS).