Here is how AL SHABAAB killed 4 KDF soldiers who escaped El Adde & were hiding in a local’s house

Somalia based militants – Al Shabaab – continued to rein and unleash terror on our own gallant soldiers even after killing several others during an attack on an AMISOM base in El Adde, Somalia, on Friday morning.

The Al Qaeda linked terror group killed 4 more KDF soldiers, who were on the run, in Alwale after escaping the deadly attack in El Adde.

The four soldiers were busted by the Al Shabaab while hiding in a house of a local man who opted to hide them from the terrorists out of his good heart.

According to locals who witnessed the horrific murder of the soldiers, Al Shabaab fighters raided the house that belongs to a Somali man who was hiding the soldiers and demanded that he hands them over to them, but when he resisted, they killed him before killing the soldiers in cold blood.

“Al Shabaab raided the house and tried to go away with the soldiers but an argument sparked and in the ensuing quarrel the terrorists killed the owner of the house plus the soldiers,” said the witness.

Another witness revealed that KDF soldiers, including the four who were killed, have been hiding in the village since Friday after Al Shabaab attacked their base in El Adde and killed several soldiers.

“The soldiers were part of AMISOM troops who fled a military base after Al Shabaab fighters attacked and overran the base last Friday. One of the local people provided them with sanctuary and food but yesterday afternoon several fighters raided the house and killed the four and the owner of the house,” stated the witness.