Eric Omondi- Biography, Girlfriend, Married, Age, why Eric Omondi Left Churchill Show, Jackie Maribe, Photos.

Eric Omondi- Biography, Girlfriend, Married, Age,  why Eric Omondi Left Churchill Show, Jackie Maribe, Photos.

Eric Omondi  is one of the biggest celebrity names synonymous with comedy in Kenya.He previously starred in Churchill Show which airs on NTV and is brother to Fred Omondi. He is an alumni of Daystar University.

Eric Omondi: Age

Eric Omondi was born on September 17, 1977.

Eric Omondi: Career

For Eric Omondi, the stand-up comedy stage has not only been a platform to continuously crack up Kenyans, but also a stepping stone to self-discovery and tremendous growth.

Even after his first solo project tanked, Eric Omondi still managed to rise above it and remain relevant  in the entertainment industry.

As with any successful comedian who knows the value of correct timing, last year, Eric decided to leave the Churchill Show. But it was a big decision that was going to further his journey in finding out what he wanted out of his career. With Daniel Ndambuki’s blessings, Eric Omondi left the nest and went to “fend for himself”.

Even though making people laugh was always one of the things he wanted to do in life, Omondi reveals that he desperately wanted to be a reporter.

After all, his years studying communication at Daystar University in Nairobi had  prepared him to work as a reporter and, if he succeeded, moved on to become a news anchor, or so he thought.

However, with just one story in at NTV, his career as a reporter only lasted two weeks.

“I worked at NTV as a reporter for two weeks, I did one story after which they kicked me out. It as very bad. I was told I wasn’t good enough.Eric Omondi

Just a year after landing the Churchill Live show,luck once again smiled upon Omondi when he got news that he would star in his own comedy show, Hawayu, on KTN.

The show meant more money and higher status as one of Kenya’s leading comedians.That too, like his journalism career, was a moment of fleeting excitement as the show was cancelled after one season due to poor ratings.

Although there was so much negative feedback, it helped him understand his audience and craft more.

He also got major flop of a show on NTV which did not last.

From reciting poems, being an unofficial MC, the star attraction on Churchill Live, starting his own comedy show which failed to featuring in Night of a Thousand Laughs, Omondi has had quite an exciting run. And he is not yet done.

Eric Omondi is also the OLX ambassador in Kenya and also landed himself the role of Kenya Wildlife Service Rhino ambassador to help protect the endangered animals.

His craft has, however, taken him beyond Kenya, and he has held shows in the US, South Africa and Nigeria.

In March, BBC ranked Eric Omondi as the 9th funniest man in Africa on a list topped by Trevor Noah and Basketmouth.

Eric Omondi: Girlfriend/Marriage

Eric Omondi has in the past been rumoured to be having an affair with a female anchor Jackie Maribe, but it appears that story ended when he met Kenyan-Italian model Shantel Grazioli.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi surprised many on the 2015 Safaricom Groove Awards red carpet when he showed up hand-in-hand with his fiance, Shantel Grazioli, who happens to be half Kenyan-half Italian.

The two are said to have met during the Kenya at 50 show at Kasarani.