What OBAMA told RAILA ODINGA over his violent demos

What OBAMA told RAILA ODINGA over his violent demos.

Obama Speaks on Violent Demos by CORD. The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leaders suspended their violent demos against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) on Thursday.

The decision to suspend the chaotic demos came after Raila Odinga received a message Obama’s administration via US Ambassador to Kenya, Robert Godec, who is a representative of the US President in Kenya.

Obama Speaks on Violent Demos by CORD

The US envoy asked Raila Odinga not to confuse Kenyans because ‘anarchy is not part of democracy CORD claims to be fighting for’.

The Ambassador also maintained that the dialogue against IEBC must be guided by the constitution – a view also expressed by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR)

“The procedure for the appointment and removal of IEBC commissioners is outlined in the constitution. KNHCR urges CORD leaders to follow the constitution and avoid engaging in streets protests as they have been doing,” a statement from the human rights body read.

“Unnecessary violence must be opposed by all peace loving Kenyans. Persistence of the recent chaos will only destabilise our country, affect our already fragile economy, rob Kenyans of a peaceful existence and possibly render us a lawless nation”Obama Speaks on Violent Demos by CORD

Obama’s administration and KNHCR concluded by urging Raila “not to confuse Kenyans: Anarchy is not democracy. You may be confused but don’t confuse Kenyans”

CORD Demos

Police lobbed tear gas and used water cannons to disperse Cord leaders and  their supporters who had staged a sit-in outside the IEBC offices in Nairobi on Monday afternoon.

Three people were injured in the ensuing melee including a camera man who was hit on the leg with a stone, a police officer who was hit on the ribs by the protestors and a woman who was injured as she ran away.

Trouble started moments after Cord leader Raila Odinga finished addressing Cord supporters outside the IEBC headquarters located at the Anniversary Towers where he called on the commissioners to quit.

Some supporters soon after tried to storm into the building, prompting police officers to unleash their power.

On Sunday, Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery had warned the Cord leaders that police were not out of teargas.

Earlier on, Mr Odinga said the Cord brigade would sustain the demos every Monday until the commissioners are sent home.

“We shall not tire to do this until IEBC goes home. We refuse stealing of votes in this country. We are here to tell Kenyans and the whole world that Cord is not a criminal outfit. We love peace and we Wil hold peaceful demonstrations,” he said.

He said Cord will not keep quiet “as one sharpens a dagger to harm us”.

“Isaac Hassan and his team must go home,” he said.

Mr Kalonzo Musyoka said the government should not clamp down on dissent, warning that “if Kenya does not enjoy democracy, no other country in Africa will”.

“Isaac Hassan and his counterparts are already planning how BVR kits will be programmed to steal elections. We have reports that children in some Jubilee stronghold are receiving ID cards,” he said.

“They have thrown teargas in Kisumu and elsewhere but we want to tell them we will be holding this demonstrators every Monday.”