Marya Kenya- Biography, Family, Boyfriend, Mustapha, Songs, Photos.

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Marya Kenya- Biography, Family, Boyfriend, Mustapha, Songs, Photos.

Marya Kenya is a Singer, Songwriter and a Performing artist and remains famous for her alluring beauty and having been in a relationship with controversial rapper, Colonel Mustapha.


Before Marya Kenya joined Ogopa Deejays as a singer, she was signed by Versatile Modelling Agency where she did several commercials as a model and was also an actress.


Marya Kenya was born and raised up in Nyeri. Her biological parents passed on when she was still young and her foster parents whom she loves as she would have loved her biological ones live in Nairobi. Three of her siblings live and work abroad.


Her hit songs include, Hey Baby featuring ex boyfriend Colonel, Chokoza with Avril, Mahaba and Sishiki Simu.


Marya and Colonel Mustapha were in a relationship and for four years they lived together. They were the envy of many as the perfect couple but a few years later they were no longer together. Both parties cited religious differences as the reason for their separation.

Marya Kenya