2017 KCSE Home Science Paper 3 Past Paper-Free KCSE Past Papers with Answers.

2017 KCSE Home Science Paper 3 Past Paper

The Test

You have invited your two nephews aged 9 and 10 years for a weekend lunch.

Using the ingredients listed below, prepare, cook and serve a one course meal for them.

Include a nutritious drink.

Ingredients: Rice/potatoes Cooking oil Salt Sugar Beef/peas Carrots Tomatoes Cabbage/green leafy vegetables Onions Dhania Green pepper Fruits in season.

Planning Session – 30 minutes

For each task listed below, use separate sheets of paper and a carbon paper to make duplicate copies then proceed as follows:

1. Identify the dishes and write their recipes

2. Write your order of work

3. Make a list of the foodstuff and equipment you will require.

2017 KCSE Home Science Paper 3 Past Paper-Marking Scheme/Answers

Possible Menu

(Food and Drink Items)

One Course Meal for Preteen Boys

1. Boiled Rice/French fries

2. Beef stew/Pea stew

3. Steamed cabbage/green leafy vegetables

4. Nutritious drink — fresh fruit juice/fruit punch

1. Plan

Recipes Availability (4 X ½) Correct quantity (4 X ½) (enough for two) Appropriate choice (for the age)

Order of work Availability Proper sequencing

List of foodstuffs Availability Adequacy (enough for two) Appropriateness

List of equipment Availability Adequacy Appropriateness 1

2. Preparation and Cooking

Correct procedure for preparation Item 1 (carbohydrate) Item 2 (protein) Item 3 (vegetables) Item 4 (nutritious drink)

Correct procedure for cooking Item 1 — (carbohydrate) Item 2 — (protein) Item 3 — (vegetables)

Methods of cooking (at least two) Quality of results (colour, texture, taste, consistency) Item 1 — (carbohydrate) Item 2 — (protein) Item 3 — (vegetable) Item 4 — (nutritious drink)

3. Presentation

UtensilsAppropriate Clean

Table layout Well laid tablecloth Centre piece (mark by impression) Correct set-up cutlery and glassware (1) laid at the right position (1) Accompaniments (salt and pepper shakers)

Hygiene Food hygiene — during preparation during cooking Kitchen hygiene during preparation during service Personal hygiene when handling food grooming

4. Economy of Resources

Use of water taps closed when not in use no spillages of water

Food no excess food peelings utilises all food ordered

Materials using materials for the right purpose no wastage (use of excess materials)

Fuel simmering when necessary switching on and off source of fuel appropriately

Clearing up “clearing as you go” during the practical session After work