Beauty trends that will keep your face looking great and flawless.

Beauty trends that will keep your face looking great and flawless.

The nature of our skin is the greatest indicator of the state of our health. It is important to ensure that your skin remains flawless. Below are beauty trends that will ensure you attain a flawless skin.

1. Using all natural products

Most of the skin care products are made from harsh chemicals which end up doing more harm than good. Healthier products that are made of natural components, help in supplimenting our health and achieving radiant skin. Such natural products in kenya include Elemis products which are made of natural elements that are naturally tested and are very effective for every type of skin.

2. Use makeup with skin benefits

Instead of concealing flaws on our skin, its advisable to embrace make-up products that combine make-up with skin care. such include using a BB cream that packs sunscreen, moisturiser and foundation. Skin care infused make-up products are good at helping you enhance your natural look while at the same time, shortening and simplifying your beauty routine.

3. Healthy eating

your diet and nutrition contribute to the nature of your skin.If you are struggling with your diet and have any digestive problems, it is likely to be reflected in your look. A professional nutritionist will help you in making the right choices.
A good flawless skin can be achieved by taking a balanced diet rich in vitamins A, B complex, E, C and K. These vitamins play a role in strengthening the skin, repairing and maintaining the elasticity of the skin, preventing its dryness and providing anti-aging benefits. A good skin is also achieved through reduction of sugars, proper rehydration, and frequent exercising.

4.Facial treatments

Facial treatment is not reserved for the old and the well off but should be embraced by everyone. Regular facial treatments will help you from alot of expenditure in the future.

5. Skin protection

Direct skin exposure to the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage the skin. To avoid this, Use of sunscreens comes in handy, providing an extra layer that protects you from the harsh rays of the sun, and extra radiations which can contribute to skin cancer.

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