County Site Cyber Cafe- Location, Products, Services, Branches, Contacts.

County site Cyber Cafe is a standard and licensed internet café and coffee shop which is fully equipped with the latest technology in the cyber café industry. cyber café is located in the heart of the county, bungoma – western; Kenya and it is positioned in a location with the right demographic compositions of people who are regular users of public cyber café.

County Site Cyber Cafe products and services

-Oparates as a standard cyber cafe where clients are expected to surf the internet at the speed of light
-Make Conference
-Prints Documents
-Scan and send documents online


Physical Location: 415-50200, Bungoma
Mobile Number: +254791554003
Telephone Number: +254791553811
Postal Address: P.O. Box: 415-50200 Bungoma
Email Address: Not Available