Cyclopam-P Tablets- Uses, Dosage, Composition, Side Effects.

Each uncoated tablet of Cyclopam-P tablet contains: Dicycloverine Hydrochloride BP 20mg

Paracetamol BP 500mg


Dicycloverine Hydrochloride is an antichlolinergic with an additional direct effect on smooth muscle as an antispasmodic. It relieves spasm of the smooth muscle of the gastro-intestinal, biliary and urinary tract.

Paracetamol has antipyretic and a mild analgesic actions together with some anti-inflammatory activity.


Cyclopam-P tablet is indicated in gastro-intestinal colics, bilary colics, uterine colics and irritable bowel syndrome


Drug may interact with digoxin

Side Effects

Dry mouth, diziness, blurrred vision, nausea, light headedness


As advised by your doctor or pharmacist as dosage depends on your clinical condition