Ghris Payslip Online- Login, Registration, Ghris Payslip Download, Password Reset,, Contacts

Ghris Payslip Online- Login, Registration, Payslip Download, Password Reset, Website, Contacts

The Government of Kenya embarked on development of Government Human Resource Information System (GHRIS) Portal whose aim is to address all its Human Resource (HR) needs. Users of this system are Government MDAs, Employees, and the Public who will benefit from a centralized readily accessible, efficient and transparent system.

Login and Registration

In order to login and to register as a new member into the this system kindly follow the link below

Employee Registration Form

To register into the System, you will be required to provide details such as Personal Number, Id Number, KRA Pin, your Official names, DOB, Gender, Date of First Appointment, Terms of Service, Mobile Number and Email Address.

Follow this link to register:

Note: The information will be validated against your record in the Ministry/Department. In case of disparities, contact the HRM Unit in your Ministry/Department.

Payslip Download Online

In order to download your payslip online, login on and download your payslip.

Password Reset

In case you have forgotten your password, follow the link below where you will required to fill a form then submit it.

After verification of the details, the reset link will be sent to your email address


Location: Harambee House, Along Harambee Avenue Nairobi
Telephone number: 020 2227411
Email Address:
P.O. Box 30095-00100, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 (020) 2223901-5, 2227471-5
Fax: +254 (020) 2214791
Mobile: +254-724-253807+254-724-253807, +254-735-800282+254-735-800282