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Alhuda Njoroge popularly known as Huddah Monroe was born in October 10th, 1991, Eastleigh and brought up in Huruma Estate, Nairobi. She is a Kenyan socialite who earns from modeling, curtain-raising events, product promotions and personal business. In 2014, she rose to fame after she clinched the coveted slot of representing Kenya in the Big Brother Africa (BBA) reality show in South Africa.

Huddah Monroe started at Kajiado Hills Girls Academy and attended several other schools. She first worked as a secretary for an architecture company after finishing her secondary education at age of 16. She was later fired by her boss because she lacked professional qualifications. She got connected to Calif Records since she was beautiful. she featured in several music videos at Calif Records. She later modeled for several commercials and earned a lot of money which she invested in debentures for an oil venture and earned extra income.

Huddah was born from a Somali father and a Kikuyu mother though her biological father died when she was still very young. Later on her mother got remarried. She faced harsh upbringing at her home with lots of domestic conflicts in her new family and this made her to run away from home. She used to live with her four stepbrothers and a stepfather who were not in good terms with her. This situation made her to develop a tough skin and unapologetic nature; she got the title ‘The Boss Lady’. She used to post her nude photos though in her defence she said that the photos were not meant to provoke the public, but for commercials, they were done professionally. Manroe has a tattoo inscribed in french as a flower rebel.


Huddah Monroe was born on 10th October, 1991, Eastleigh, Nairobi.

Huddah Monroe


Monroe has always been accused of immorality after she posted controversial photos in the media. She is in a stable relationship despite all the accusations. She is in a relationship with a person who is famous. In an interview with one the media personality, Huddah revealed that her boyfriend understands her well and the controversies raised about her are clear and resolved. Though she has dated many celebrities such as eric omondi


Her father was a Somali and mother a Kikuyu. Her biological father died, when she was a child. Huddah’s mother had no other choice other than marrying another man. Unfortunately, the new family did not accept her and the girl had to endure constant reproaches and scandals. Her stepbrothers and stepfather sometimes turned her life into a real hell. Huddah Monroe ran away from home; even though she looks well off, Huddah has a lot to share about her life. She forgot her home before she was old enough to take care of herself. There are several factors that are alleged to have contributed to her running away from home. She had a harsh upbringing, an upbringing that was full of various types of conflicts such as domestic conflicts.

Huddah Monroe and her mother
Huddah Monroe and her mother

Net Worth

Huddah’s net worth is not available in public domain but from her current lifestyle is an indication that she has enough money to live luxurious life. The Huddah plastic surgery is a clear indicator that she has the money to get the best procedures done on her body. This information will be updated as soon as it’s available.


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