Jalang’o- Biography, Age, Wife, Real Name, Net Worth, Cars.

Felix Odiwuor who is commonly known as Jalang’o was born and raised in Homa Bay. He came from a very humble background where his parents were farmers who would work hard every day to make sure that they place something on the table to eat. The basic needs were hard to get most of the time. The family went through numerous strains and struggles for instances getting basic needs like food was hard.

Felix Odiwuor went Homa Bay Lake Primary School for his early education, though used to walk a long distance from his home to school. Lastly he managed to score 427 out of 500 marks. He really worked hard despite all the challenges, miseries and embarrassments he went through. He managed to get a chance in Maseno School which is one of the top performing national schools. His father was working very hard to get his school fees which was higher compared to the local secondary schools as the reporting date was approaching. They had to organise for a fundraising to raise his fee. One week later, they got the school fees which was needed but things did not go as it was planned since they had delayed for a whole week last the reporting date.

It was a terrible moment for Jalang’o and his family for him not to be admitted into that top performing school. The student was stranded with his metallic box, fully dressed in Maseno School uniform. They had no other option other than trying local schools around their village. They managed to secure a chance at Bar Kanyango Secondary School in Siaya County which is one of the local schools. Jalang’o was admitted there, but the School fee became another huge challenge. He was transferred to Nyang’oma Secondary School in Bondo where his brother was studying due to school fee problem. His elder brother was forced to drop out of school since his father could not manage to look for school fees of two students to give Jalang’o a chance to continue with his studies. The father could pay the school fees with anything he had at hand for example at times he could supply the institution with firewood, beans and maize.

In his career, he has worked in various radio stations. Felix Odiwuor has been a co-host in one of the biggest radio breakfast show. His first radio presentation was in Kiss 100 and after that he moved to Radio Maisha which was ranked best radio station.


He later joined hot 96 FM where he met one of the most liked shows together with Jeff Koinange. After a while he joined his former workmate Alex Mwakideu at Milele FM where he was expected to host a show. After his first appearance in the Papa Shirandula show, he became famous.


His age or the year he was born, will be updated as soon as will be available.


He was married to Cheptoek Boyo. They got separated after living together for a while things did not work. They are co-parenting their only daughter. He got married to another beautiful Lady whom they are happy with their marrige and blessed with two daughters’ Salika and Amani.

Jalang’o and his wife

Real Name

His real name is Felix Odiwuor

Net Worth

His salary is kept secret. However his lifestyle shows that he earns much money or owns a company which offers different services such as marketing, brand launches and hosting various events. He also has many projects at his rural home, Homa Bay. His house which is constructed in his homeland is one of his most expensive investments. He also owns a wide variety of heavy machines for instances he owns a 20 million worth Range Rover Over finch and a 18 million Bentley. He also owns a BMW X6 and Land Rover Discovery


He has Range Rover Over finch, Bentley, BMW X6 and Land Rover Discovery. All these machines are very expensive.

 Range Rover Over finch
Range Rover Over finch