Jimmy Gathu- Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Daughter, Song.

Jimmy Gathu as an actor was commonly known for Rafiki, State House and Nairobi Half Life in the year 2018, 2014 and 2012 respectively. He was born in February 12th 1970

He was working as a TV and Radio Host, producer, director, content development, management, talent training and management and strategy. Jimmy Gathu was creative and Instrumental in creating entertainment on TV shows for the first Commercial Tv Station, KTN . He also made Classic 105 to be the number one radio on breakfast show with Maina and King’angi. He played a key role in moving it from obscurity to number 2 in 6 months since he was the Programmes Controller.

He managed to Relaunch and rebrand a radio station for Kenya’s leading media house from YFM to HOT96. Its revenue moved from 800,000 a month to 5million in 1 year, this was a great achievement. Through his years in the Royal Media Services, he had excellent contacts in both Government and Private sector that were an asset to anyone looking to connect with decision makers.

Jimmy Gathu’s goal is to be a leading media Personality whose experiences gained will change how people consume media.


He was born on February 12th, 1970

Jimmy Gathu


He got married to Cathy Gathu whom they met through a play. He was in the play and she was watching the play. His wife is very tough but has an interesting way of telling people to stop feeling sorry for themselves but rather pick up the pieces, get up and go. She is a good wife, she knows when to be tough, she knows when her husband is bruised.

 Jimmy Gathu and his wife
Jimmy Gathu and his wife


He has three daughters namely; Chantal, Jasmine and Wambui. He believes Jasmine will one day be famous in music industry. Chantal and Jasmine like singing a lot that makes their father to compare them with angels. Wambui on the other hand can act very well.


He has three daughters namely; Chantal, Jasmine and Wambui

Daughter, Jimmy Gathu and granddaughter
Daughter, Jimmy Gathu and granddaughter 


Stay Alive a hiphop song