KDF survivor reveals their blunder & how AL SHABAAB killed his friends in just 3 minutes

Even as Kenyans struggle to come to terms with the events of last Friday, when Al Shabaab terrorists killed several Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in cold blood in Somalia with the Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, appearing reluctant to divulge more information on exactly what transpired, one of the survivors of the deadly attack has broken his silence.

Just after landing at Wilson Airport from Somalia this morning, a KDF soldier, who survived the attack by a whisker, has recounted how the attack in El Adde took place leading to the deaths of his friends.

The soldier, whose name has been withheld for obvious reasons, revealed that the Al Shabaab attack caught them by surprise because they had no idea of any impending attack.

He noted that they had not received any Intel about the attack and that many of the soldiers were asleep by the time Al Shabaab struck. Those who were manning the perimeter could not do much and as a result, majority of the victims died in the first 4 minutes of the attack.

“There was no alert. We were on the same high security level we usually have but there was no special alert of an impending attack,” said the distraught KDF officer.

“Most of those killed were asleep when the attack took place. It was rapid. We just heard an explosion then another one and then lots of gunfire and people screaming,” he added.

He said the Al Shabaab planned the attack well and added that the ambush took them by surprise and KDF soldiers had no time to regroup and defend themselves.

“It was sad because the ones who were killed died in the first three or four minutes of the attack. By the time we were regrouping, they had killed many. It was shocking,” he added.

The gallant officer also revealed the Al Shabaab captured a few KDF officers who they are now using as human shields to avoid KDF’s air strikes.