Kubamba Citizen TV- (K-Krew), Location, Contacts.

Kubamba Citizen TV- (K-Krew), Contacts.

Kubamba Citizen TV. Kubamba Krew (K-Krew) Started in May 2000 when DJ Moz began a radio show called Kubamba on a Christian station where the popularity of the show increased as he introduced Urban Contemporary Christian Music to the public.

John Njuguna aka Njugush, Oscar Arigi, Gowi Odera, and Ashley Ndambu were among those who joined him in helping with the radio show and the group became known as “Kubamba Krew” which was later shortened to K-Krew.

Through K-Krew’s work on radio, it started to expand the outreach and move into the High Schools and Colleges, seeking out its main target audience majority of who are between the ages of 14 – 26 yrs.

Kubamba Citizen TV contacts

Kubamba Krew,
Muvaa Grove,
Nairobi, Kenya.

P. O. Box 76227-00508,
Nairobi, Kenya.

Kubamba Citizen TVTel: +254720500000

email: info@kubamba.com