Miran Insurance Brokers Ltd- Location, Products, Services, Branches, Contacts.

Miran Insurance Brokers Ltd was incorporated on 8th September 2003 after having operated as an agency from 2001 and since then, it has emerged as an insurance service provider with a professional approach to the public and insurance companies.

Miran Insurance Brokers Ltd products and services

-Motor Insurance
-General Insurance
-Medical Insurance
-Life Insurance


Physical Location: The Mirage, Chiromo Rd,Tower1, Mezzanine1, Suit1.
Mobile Number: 0771362997
Telephone Number: 020 8146932
Postal Address: P.O. Box: 43441-00100,Nairobi
Email Address: info@miranbrokers.co.ke
Website: www.miranbrokers.co.ke/