Neymar is the Best Assistant in La Liga 2016/2017

Neymar is one of the main stars of his generation. The footballer had many brilliant performances in the national team and at club level. He is best known to fans for his performances for Barcelona. By the way, you can find on the sports statistics website the football scores today of the matches with the participation of this club.

Neymar played well with Messi, Suarez and other stars at Barcelona. Thanks to this, the team won many times in La Liga and other tournaments. The 2016/2017 season was also remarkable for the Brazilian. The player managed to give 15 accurate assists to his partners. Thanks to this, Neymar became the best assistant of the Spanish championship.

Neymar is the best assistant in La Liga 2016/2017
Neymar is the best assistant in La Liga 2016/2017

Despite the Brazilian’s excellent playing form, Barcelona failed to win La Liga during in that campaign. The club lost the first place to Real Madrid. By the way, today you can find all the football scores with the participation of this club on the site of sports statistics.

Neymar was unstoppable in that campaign. He had complete freedom of action in the attack. When the Brazilian was in a striking position, he didn’t always shoot by himself. He often shared the ball with partners. That is what allowed him to win the prestigious individual award.

What are the Strengths of the Brazilian?

Everyone knows Neymar as a player with an excellent technique. Thanks to his dribbling, he easily escaped from the guardianship of defenders, enters the attacking area and gets enough time to choose the best option to continue the attack. By the way, if you’re interested in the matches with Barcelona even now, follow them on the sports statistics website. Here you can also find La Liga fixtures. This will allow you to be always aware of what awaits the team in the next meetings.

Returning to Neymar’s achievement, it is important to mention that it was made possible thanks to:

  1. The chemistry with partners. There was a perfect understanding between him and Messi, Suarez, and the other players of the attacking group. Thanks to this, Barcelona played amazing combinations on the field.
  2. The ability to make quick decisions. The footballer immediately saw which option of attacking could be the most optimal, and quickly found partners by passing.
  3. A subtle understanding of the game. It was enough for Neymar to make one touch to put one of his partners in the optimal position for a shot.

The 2016/2017 season was the Brazilian’s last with the Catalans. However, he left on a major note, winning another individual award.

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