‘NGINA KENYATTA’ confirms MIGUNA’s words that RUTO will never be President of Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s eldest daughter, Ngina Kenyatta, is a darling to many Kenyans and this has seen some creative Kenyans on social media develop a habit of creating parody accounts using the name of the First Daughter.

As a result of this, the humble, pretty and down to earth damsel was on everyone’s lips on Thursday after an impostor who uses the name ‘Ngina Kenyatta’ commented about the Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) show where brilliant lawyer, Miguna Miguna, was the chief guest.

Miguna, who is the only man in Kenya who makes CORD supporters wet their pants, bashed top leaders in the executive, the judiciary and the opposition

Miguna Miguna specifically focused his guns on Dr. Evans Kidero and Justice Philip Tunoi, the man said to have been bribed with Sh 200 million by the Nairobi Governor to rule in his favour.

He also launched a scathing attack against Deputy President William Ruto saying Ruto will never be President of Kenya.

Surprisingly, immediately Miguna Miguna made his remarks against the Deputy President, ‘Ngina’ confirmed indirectly in a tweet that indeed Ruto will never be a President of Kenya.

“If Miguna Miguna was my lecturer I will attend classes 100% Hitting the nail on the head”, wrote Ngina

Here is a screenshot of the tweet.