Papa Wemba-Biography, Career, Family, Mother, Death, Poisoned, Burial, impregnates girlfriend

Papa Wemba – Biography, Career, Family, Mother, Death, Poisoned, Burial, impregnates girlfriend

Papa Wemba.

Papa Wemba Birth

Papa Wemba was  Born on June 14, 1949, in the Democratic Republic of Congo and later moved to France.He acquired a Belgian citizenship as his music Career blossomed.


Papa Wemba was a Congolese singer and the musician was known for hits like Yolele, Wake Up,Rail On, Show Me the Way, Analengo, Kaokoko Korobo, Foridoles, Sai Sai.


Papa Wemba was married to Mama Marie Luzolo Amazone.

Papa Wemba jailed for months

While in France in 2004, he was jailed for three months in connection to smuggling Congolese immigrants to Europe. A Belgian court convicted him of the same crime in 2012 and fined him 22,000 Euros (Ksh2.29 million) along with asuspended prison sentence of 15 months.

Papa Wemba fashion sense inspired a cult

His dapper sense of fashion inspired the La Sape movement (also called Sapeurse) of Congo who are a group devoted to elegant style. The group’s sole purpose is to look good.

Papa Wemba mother was a professional mourner

His adopted mother was a Pleureuse, a professional mourner. He drew his inspiration from some of her laments, especially when working on slow songs where he would match the emotion that he heard in her singing to a slow dancing style.


The singer reportedly collapsed while on stage in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and died soon after.The artist, who was 66, slumped on the floor as dancers continued to perform, unaware of what was happening.

Papa Wemba Poisoned

There was widespread speculation on the cause of death of renowned musician Papa Wemba days after he collapsed while on stage in Ivory Coast.Papa Wemba

Congolese journalists questioned the manner in which the artist died and how his autopsy was conducted.

A video showing a floor manager taking the microphone and returning it moments before Papa Wemba started singing and right after he had slumped on the floor was being used to fuel speculations that the star could have been poisoned.

The video showed the man taking some seconds to bring a replacement of the microphone as Papa Wemba psyched up the crowd later after picking the mic.

He again showed to be taking time even as the rest of the people on stage struggled to resuscitate the legend.

There were claims that the musician was already dead before being taken to the hospital, an indication that a highly toxic substance could have been used.

His death on stage was very similar to the scene the musician and actor played in the 1987 French movie La Vie Est Belle (Life is beautiful).

In the film, Wemba is seen collapsing after failing to get Kabibi, his lover, who is instead married by someone else. Soon after his collapse after an attempted suicide, he is surrounded by many people wailing, just like it happened two weeks ago when some of his female dancers were overcome with emotion and screamed in agony on noticing that he had collapsed on stage.

Close family sources however confirmed that Wemba, had been a bit weak but chose to go ahead and perform in Abidjan,as he would never let down his fans.

Papa Wemba Hospitalised

Earlier in the year, he had been hospitalised in Paris and his personal doctor had reportedly asked him to take a rest from live performances.


He was buried in a cemetery on the outskirts of Kinshasa.

 Impregnated a 19 year Girtlfriend.

According to online reports, a heavily pregnant girl had a relationship with the late King of Rhumba Papa Wemba.