Remidin Mouthwash- Uses, Dosage, Composition, Side Effects.

Remidin-Chlorhexidine mouthwash BP


Remidin is used as an antiseptic and antiplaque. It is used as an adjunt to normal hygiene and has significant inhibitory effect on plaque and gingivitis


Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution BP


Chlorhexidine provides microbial activity during oral rinsing.


It is indicated in treatment of gingivitis, aphthous ulceration and candidal infection, peridontal surgery, control of dental caries and maintenance of oral hygiene

Side Effects

Increase in staining of teeth and other oral surfaces, altered taste perception, minor irritation.

Directions for Use

Remove cap and squeeze until the 5ml dispenser fills. Remidin should be swished in the mouth for one minute, for prolonged use dilute 1:1 with plain water. Do not rinse with water or eat/drink anything for minutes.


As advised by your doctor or pharmacist as dosage depends on your clinical condition.