Signs that Your Liver Needs Detox and Tips for Detoxification.

The liver is located in the right upper abdomen. The liver has many functions among them removing waste products from the blood.

Exposing your body to high alcohol, processed foods, environmental toxins such as chemicals, smoking etc, slows down and prevents the liver from detoxifying effectively.

Signs your Liver Needs Detoxification

-Skin breakouts

-poor digestion

-pain in the right side of the abdomen

-weight gain around the abdomen


-constantly feeling tired

Tips for Detoxification

-Eliminate refined and processed foods

-Substitute toxic fats into good quality oils e.g coconut oil, butter, ghee etc

-Decrease intake of animal products such as red meat and processed meats

-Eliminate or reduce the intake of alcohol

Foods that Support Liver Detoxification




-Green Leafy Vegetables