Strepsils Lozenges-Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Composition, Use in Pregnancy.

Strepsils is available as strepsils regular, strepsils honey and lemon, strepsils vitamin C and strepsils cool.


Each lozenge contains 2, 4 Dichlorobenzyl alcohol 1.2 mg and Amylmetacresol 0.6 mg.


A sore throat is usually produced by exposure to viral and rarely fungal infection. Other factors may be inhalation of particles or vapours. Where bacterial agents are involved, the causative organisms cannot be readily identified. Therefore appropriate treatment involves the use of wide-spectrum antibacterial agent in combination with demulcent(soothing) base.

Strepsils lozenges have both the anti-bacterial and demulcent properties. The mode of action of the anti-bacterial agents, dichlorobenzyl alcohol and amyl-metacresol, is in the elimination of the bacterial pathogens commonly responsible for the sore throats.


Symptomatic treatment of infections of the throat and mouth like pharyngitis, inflammation of tonsils and the lining of the throat cavity.


As directed by your doctor/Pharmacist as the dosage depends on your clinical condition

How to take the Lozenges

Slowly suck the lozenges in the mouth

Side Effects

Strepsils is well tolerated by consumers

Use in Pregnancy

No effect has been reported at the recommended dose


Strepsils has no interaction with antibiotics, a factor that allows concurrent treatment.


Strepsils should not be swallowed. They should be sucked slowly in the mouth