Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Wajir Branch- Location, Products, Services, Branches, Contacts.

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Wajir Branch was formed in July 1967 through an Act of Parliament to give teachers one employer and uniform terms and conditions of service. It was charged with the mandate of registering, employing, promoting, disciplining and paying teachers.

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Wajir Branch products and services

-Registering Teachers
-Employing Teachers
-Promoting Teachers
-Paying teachers Teachers


Physical Location: Wajir County
Mobile Number: 020 2892000
Telephone Number: 020 2892000
Postal Address: P.O. Box: 507 – 70200, Wajir
Email Address: cdirwajir@tsc.go.ke
Website: www.tsc.go.ke