UHURU betrayed us! BBC reports about what he did in Israel – We’ll never forgive him

The British Broadcasting Cooperation  (BBC) has also waded into the controversial remark that President Uhuru Kenyatta made in Israel during his State visit last week, where he insulted Kenyans as experienced thieves and political maniacs in front of the world.

According to BBC reporter, Wanyama Chebusiri, Uhuru betrayed Kenyans by portraying them as thieves with nothing good to offer but complain, politic and perpetuate ethnic animosity.

He termed Uhuru’s speech in Israel as empty rhetoric because he himself is not serious about tackling corruption which he admitted was worse in his office and in State House.

Besides, Wanyama accused Uhuru of failing to deal with ethnic divisions, which he accused Kenyans of perpetuating while in Israel, saying Kenyans may be following his example because he too was indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity, where he allegedly incited ethnic violence that led to the deaths of many innocent Kenyans before his case collapsed in 2014.