2021 Mock English Paper 3 with Answers-Kenya High School



  1. Imaginative composition (Compulsory)

Write a composition to begin with the following: – “Looking up the sky, I knew everything would be fine……………………” (20mks)


Write a composition ending with the following words: – “….. That was the day I learnt the truth in the saying” life is not a bed of roses.” (20mks)


Women play key roles in the society but more often than not their roles are never recognized. Using illustrations from A Doll’s House support this assertion. (20mks)


Answer any One of the following three questions. (20 mks)


The Novel

John Steinbeck, The Pearl.

Most people equate fortune to happiness which is not the case. Elucidate the truth of this statement drawing illustrations from the Pearl by John Steinbeck.


The short story (20 mks)

Memories We Lost and other stories

“An eye for an eye can only make the whole world blind” Paying close attention to Mariatu Kamara’s story The President, Show how true this assertion is. OR Drama Inheritance, David Mulwa (20 mks)

“Lacuna represents the evil that bedevils our leaders” Write an eassy to justify this using inheritance by David Mulwa

Marking Scheme

a) It must be a story

  • Must begin with the given statement if not deduct (2 mks)
  • The statement must be relevant to the story if not deduct upto (4 mks)

b) The story must be illustrative of the saying The candidate should be able to show in a story how thing(s) are not always good or easy in life.

It could be something that could have resulted in a positive outcome but the struggle must be brought out. The meaning of the saying should come out in the story. Do not define or explain the saying

Intended to test the candidate’s ability to communicate in writing. Communication is established at different levels of intelligibility, correctness, accuracy, fluency, pleasantness and originality.

Within the constraints set by each question, it is the linguistic competence shown by the candidate that should carry most of the marks. Examiners should not hesitate to use the full range of marks for each essay.

It is important to determine first how each essay communicates and in which category A, B, C or D it fits

Q2. Women play key roles in the society but more often than not their roles are never recognized.

Using illustrations from A Doll’s House support this assertion. Men and women play different roles in the society but more often than not, the roles of women are overlooked as they are only seen as home makers whose area of specialization is child bearing in addition to acting as husband pleasers.

This makes men who are considered as providers to be more appreciated than women. However, the reality is that women too play great roles in the society.

Nora is a woman who plays a great role of saving her husband after his illness.

The doctor recommends that they go south for some time so that Helmer can get better. The family has no resources to finance such a trip but Nora takes it upon herself to get a loan to finance the trip.

Most people, Helmer included, assume that Nora got the money from her father We see Nora struggling to repay the loan where she tries to save as much as possible from what is given to her by her husband for domestic upkeep. Even when she is asked what she would want as a Christmas present, she asks for money which makes Helmer conclude that she is a spendthrift.

Mrs Linde too considers Nora extravagant not knowing the sacrifices she makes to repay the loan.

We learn that the previous Christmas, Nora had to lock herself in for days pretending to be doing some crotchetry when in reality she was doing some copying for people in order to get money to repay the loan.

This shows that many people do not recognize her role in saving the husband’s life. Mrs Christine Linde is another woman who has played a major role in the well-being of her family yet no one seems to recognize this.

We learn that she was forced to sacrifice her love for Krogstad who had nothing to offer her by marrying a rich man that she did not love. She did this so as to provide for her ailing mother and also to support her younger brothers.

After the death of her husband, she engages in odd jobs so as to support her mother and brothers and now that they are dead she feels the need to go slow on her struggles.

Ironically people do not appreciate the sacrifice but rather judge her negatively as is insinuated by Norah when he asks her about her dead husband who left her nothing.

Hellen, the maid, is also portrayed as a woman who plays a great role in the society yet her role is not recognized and appreciated. We learn that she was Nora’s nanny who is now taking care of Nora’s own children.

Ironically, she had to leave her daughter behind so as to take care Of Nora.

Bringing up someone else’s kid is a major sacrifice on her part and she even goes on to take care of Nora’s own children.

She explains to Nora that she had to do it since she was needy and could not come over with her own child. Nora, Mrs Linde and Hellen are women who have played major roles especially in regard to providing for their families.

Sadly, their roles are not appreciated by anyone.

The society should stop looking down upon women and start appreciating the things they do for their families.

Question 3.

a) Kino expects the pearl to bring him happiness but this is not the case. Instead the pearl becomes a nightmare as illustrated:

It brings about physical injury to Kino as he attempts to fight off his enemies.
Murder – Kino kills four men to save the pearl
Violence – He hits his wife
Loss of property – His boat is destroyed and his house burnt down
Family conflict and turbulence in the once calm home.
Loss of their child Coyotito (any other valid points)
b) There are deaths of people.

Injuries and torture of people. Hand cut off.
Displacement of people. Families end up in Canada
Suffering. Begging in the streets in order to eat
c) Tribalistic – Employment of the manager at the mines

Insensitive – Drives people from their homes to please the imperialist so as to get a loan.
Brutal – Kills Zen Melo to coerce his daughter Lulu to marry him.
Detention – Locks Lulu in the palace and also imprisons Daniel Goldstein and Robert
Embezzlement of funds – Lacuna deposits the loan he’s advanced in his own account and
gives the rest to his cronies (Any other valid point)
Lacuna rules with an iron fist
Extra-judicial killings