Anne Ngugi- Daugther Angel, Song, Husband, sacked by K24, Contact.

Anne Ngugi- Daugther Angel, Song, Husband, sacked by K24, Contact.

Anne Ngugi, was once a famous journalist before being sacked by K24 following a scandal that involved her Husband.
Anne Ngugi, who was working as a news anchor and earning over Ksh250, 000 at K24 was told to pack and go at a time that she was heavily pregnant.

Anne Ngugi Scandal

Anne’s name was mentioned in a case where her Nigerian husband, Hypolite Nyong’bia and Kamimbaya Soumali, were charged with defrauding a Nigerian businessman and two Koreans off Sh.6.4 million.

The two allegedly received the cash in Nairobi and Kinshasa in 2013 pretending tAnne Ngugihey could sell them 50 kilos of raw gold.

Anne Ngugi soiled her name when she confirmed to her husband’s client on phone that they sell genuine gold, when in the real sense she knew the gold was not genuine.


When K24 was informed about the case, they immediately terminated her contract.
Without her job, salary and the good life she used to enjoy, Anne Ngugi lost friends and some family members.

Anne Ngugi experience with her daughter Angel:

Anne Ngugi became a mom in 2004, but her first motherhood experience turned out to be not quite what she had expected. Her daughter Angel was born with a birth defect called congenital hydrocephalus.

Anne Ngugi

Congenital hydrocephalus is the buildup of excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain at birth. The extra fluid increases pressure in the baby’s brain, often leading to brain damage and other mental and physical challenges. The clearest symptom of hydrocephalus is a head that is larger than normal.

“When I held Angel in my arms (when she was a newborn), I refused to acknowledge that she had a problem and kept hoping that the swelling would subside and that she would be normal like any other baby within the shortest time. In the days following, I would massage her head with Vaseline for two
hours daily, but her head kept swelling and the veins were protruding. It was then that I realized I needed to seek medical help. Angel had her first operation when she was only three weeks old.

Doctors fitted plastic medical gadgets called shunts in her head that went right through to the stomach so that they would direct the flow of fluids. However, four months after the operation, AAnne Ngugingel began to experience hot spells, her head was still big and she could not smile as yet. I could see she was very uncomfortable but not knowing what else to do, I only watched her helplessly. It was heartbreaking.”  narrated Anne Ngugi

Anne Ngugi has never shied away from speaking about her daughter, and her experience has often been of such encouragement to other parents undergoing the same.

Ann Ngugi Children

Anne Ngugi is today a mom of four: Angel, John Mark (7 years), and twins Precious and Princess (2 years).

Aside from taking care of her family, Anne Ngugi is in the process of producing her own show -one that will be full of inspiration based on her own experiences as well as those of other people she has met.

Anne Ngugi also trains and mentors young people with interests in the media. She is also setting up ‘Angel’s Foundation’. Her daughter Angel sings quite well.

Anne Ngugi Song

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