Bi Mswafari- Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Petition.

Bi Mswafari- Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Petition.

Bi Mswafari airs her segment on Citizen TV every Saturday after the 7 pm news with Kanze Dena and Lulu Hassan and is well known for advising women on how to handle their husbands and fiances.

Bi Mswafari Age

Bi Mswafari is in her 50’s

Citizen’s TV Bi Mswafari hits back on online haters.

Citizen’s TV Bi Mswafari came out strong to respond to the internet posts that had petitioned her exit from live television.

Her show has greatly amassed huge viewership and impact giving rise to Facebook pages title, ‘All Kenyan men for Bi.Mswafari of Citizen TV Saturday’, who view the program as a mission to rescue them from the modern lady.

“As a leader, people always want to kick you out because you always tell them the truth that they do not want to hear.” She pointed out during one of the Saturday’s Nipashe Wikendi.

She, however, clarified that she didn’t say that women should not go to school. Bi MswafariShe added and said that women should be able to get an education because that is the inheritance that most parents leave their children with.

“Young women should be able to treat their first job as their first husband always but when they get a husband they should also make sure to give him the respect that he deserves,” she said

“The husband should always lead the relationship no matter how educated the woman is,” she added.

Further, she stated that she was there to fight for both the rights of Christian and Muslim men in the society and the next generation.

Surprisingly, she claims that children are her biggest fans and thanked them for that.

Allegations that she has no children and husband.

On the allegations that she had not given birth she said, “… I gave birth until my husband hated me.”

On matters to do with her being chased away by her husband, She said that she had never experienced such all through her marriage and that she was like a rose flower to her late husband.