Natural and Healthier ways to detox your body.

Natural and Healthier ways to detox your body.

There may be no scientific argument that proves the need to detoxify regularly but there are many positive reasons to do it. A healthy dietery detox can however result in gradual weight loss and improve your body’s natural processes.

Some reasons for detox could include being low on energy despite getting a full nights sleep, headaches, digestive complications among others.

Weight loss and Detox diets

Nutritionists do not recommend going on a detox diet in order to lose weight, as cutting off calories in a drastic manner can be very harmful. As you suddenly deny your body the usual amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats and calories that is accustomed to, it interprets this as a sign of trouble and starts hoarding, resulting even in more weight gain.

Having a healthier Detox

To have a healthier detox, all you need to do is consider these simple adjustments to your diet and lifestyle for a long term effect on the quality of your life. Before starting a detox, its advisable to consult with either a nutritionist or a healthcare practitioner. Some easy changes you can make on a personal level include:

1. Boosting your fibre intake

Fibre is what stands between you and a healthy colon. Elimination of waste is an important indication of a working digestive system. Foods that are rich in fibre that promote colon mobility include beans, apples as well as leafy greens such as spinach and sukuma wiki.

2. Staying hydrated

With an increase in fibre intake, your bowels will need more water intake to create regular motion.To determine how much water to take, divide your body weight by half and convert that to ounces.

3. Sweating a little more

By just adding a little more exercises into your life, increases overall good health.

4. Starting your day with protein

Another good way to balance your blood sugar and insulin levels is including protein in your meals. Starting the day with a healthy protein serving is a sure way to curb cravings before your next meal.

5. Using fat to fight sugars

Contrary to popular misconceptions, fat does not make you fat. Sugar does. Fat is necessary in your diet as it helps in balancing your blood dugar levels, making you feel full and fuelling your cells. Try to incorporate good fats into your diet along with protein. Also include it in your snacks through nuts and seeds.