The perfect make up for oily skin.

The perfect make up for oily skin.

The first dilemma that people with oily skin are faced with, is identifying the suitable makeup to use. some of the issues that oily skin women face, include fading makeup and melting off easily, oxidizing too soon and other issues such as clogged pores.

Fortunately we now have makeup for oily skin in the market that not only prevents the shine but also helps in controlling oil.

Preparing an oily face for makeup

For those with oily skin, it is necessary to prepare your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing using the right products. Some ingredients, especially those that are oil-based, can increase your skin’s oil levels.

Applying makeup to skin that is not properly cleansed can result in an unattractive oily glow that causes your cosmetics to fade.

Makeup tips for oily skin.

1. Prime your face first

The primer not only helps in better application of makeup by acting as a base but also acts as a protective layer between your makeup and your skin which prevents the makeup from clogging your pores. It will also ensure that your makeup lasts longer.

When choosing a primer, make sure that it is not silicone-based as oily skin tends to be very sensitive and silicone-based products can cause allergic reactions to such skin, leading to breakouts. Also look for a primer that has a salicylic acid, which helps in fighting acne. Mattifying primers are the best for oily skin.

2. Find the perfect foundation

Most foundations melt off quickly on oily skin and require constant touch ups. To tackle this problem, use a powder-based foundation as this minimizes shine and does not feel heavy on skin. If you wish to use a liquid foundation go for a water-based foundation.


Apply a sheer layer followed by powder over the oily areas. Go for foundation that contain silica as it has oil controlling properties. Also, opt for products that are non- comedogenic and non-acnegenic.

3. Use powder every time

A face powder should be your best friends as it helps in getting rid of the shine and sets your foundation. Even though both loose powder and pressed powder work on oily skin, its advisable to use loose powder as it soaks up more oil. Avoid to use powders that provide a shimmer as it would make your face look oilier.

4. Try mineral makeup

Mineral makeup is a big plus for oily skin. Since they are made up of inorganic minerals and are oil-free, they prevent the growth of bacteria, make them ideal for oily skin. The main ingredients in any mineral makeup are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide both of which act as natural sunscreens, saving you from applying that extra layer on your skin. Zinc is also an antioxidant, thus preventing the makeup from oxidizing thus helping it stay longer.

5. Use oiL-free cleansers and toners

Its easier to apply makeup if your face is in good shape so make sure that you clean your face with an oil- free cleanser and toner before applying makeup.

6. Less is more therefore apply minimum layers

An oily skin is not an ideal base to wear makeup therefore try and apply minimum layers on your face.

7. Do not wear full makeup everyday

It is good to let your skin breathe. If you have an oily skin, its advisable to apply a mattifying primer and powder instead of foundation to achieve your everyday look.

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