Dr Ofweneke- Biography, Age, Education, Wife, Family, Career.

Sande Bush popularly known as Dr Ofweneke is a Kenyan Comedian, Actor, Songwriter, emcee and a Motivational speaker who speaks in pure English of Nigerian accent that has confused many fans into believing he is a Nigerian and not a Kenyan, whose jokes are spontaneous, untamed and loaded with wit and tact. For him, it is all about delivering punch lines not having a funny accent.

Dr Ofweneke has moved to many places in Nairobi such as Mbotela to Mathare Dandora, then Huruma though he had it rough, but in a way it has made him who he is now, because it made him discover his talent at a tender age. He had to relocate to the village in Malava at a time, due to his father, who was completing his last years of university, could not support him. He was forced to live with callous relatives in a harsh and unforgiving environment, life moved from agonising to unbearable. He had to walk to school barefoot, for the first time in his life, carry his books in a plastic bag and attend class in mud-walled classrooms. His uncle owned a maize farm next to Malava Forest and he was put there to work as a crop guard from the menace of monkeys. He eventually made his way to Kakamega town only to find that his uncle was not at home. He had to sleep in the streets with dirty, tattered clothes that day and this ordeal shook him to his core.


He was born at Pumwani Hospital, Nairobi though the year he was born not yet in public domain but will be updated as soon as it’s available.

Dr Ofweneke


He attended many schools and these include Nabongo, Malava, Ikonyero and Pine Breeze primary schools in Western Kenya. He also attended Our Lady of Mercy and State House primary schools in Nairobi. He later joined Aga Khan High School before moving to Mwea Boys High School where he not only sat for his KCSE but also found relief. He escaped his reality by becoming the classroom clown and also had a regular ‘Bull’s Eye’ slot at the Friday assembly, where he could narrate the events of the week. However his humour was received with mixed reactions. He recalls that his classmates started complaining because he would distract them with his jokes and still beat them at exam time he added. In spite of his humor in his high-school days instead of the headteacher, Mr Njeru punishing him, he looked at him in the eye and told him that young man you have a talent and make sure you use it well.


His relationship with Nicah the Queen, his ex-wife, was talk on social media and this happened after the two, in what some observers claim was a battle of wits, treated their respective, sizeable, followers to a show as to how and with whom they have moved on with. Responding to Nicah’s move days ago where she flaunted her alleged her new man on her Instagram account while on a vacation at the coast.

Ofweneke followed suit over the weekend and also laid bare his love life. The comedian posted a photo of himself in an intimate moment with an unnamed woman with a heavily coded caption ‘The eagles.’ According to him, his relationship with Nicah is cordial. He thought there were so many things that they missed when they started the marriage. Both of them had a part to play in making the marriage fail and so they had to blame no one. The marriage was good and blessed with a kid together, which he really appreciated. The two were best friends and they even enjoyed themselves. At times he missed her and regretted if they did things differently, they would have been far. In 2018, he said that what he was sure of was that he would marry soon and he was dating someone special. In an interview with the Sunday Magazine, he revealed that Nicah and him, maturely decided to have an environment where their daughters Faith and Debbie are comfortable.

Dr Ofweneke, his ex-wife and children
Dr Ofweneke, his ex-wife and children

He shared that what he learned about marriage and relationships was that you cannot give what you do not have. Find happiness within yourself in order to give happiness and the other lesson was that it is never that serious, if things cannot work out even after 20 years still can’t work out instead just leave. The split, according to her, was over domestic abuse. Domestic violence is such a bad thing, she had to walk away run. She narrated that She is a single mother of two and she knows God will watch over her and her kids, adding that, Ofweneke assaulted her and she had to run away. They were done and she couldn’t stand such violence.


He is the first born son to David Sande Oyolo, who is a politician and a leadership consultant and CEO of SAY-KENYA Initiative who is very proud whenever he listens to Ofweneke on radio or overhears people talking about him. Unfortunately, his parents separated when he was barely a week old and he got to meet his biological mother when he completed high school but she died one year later, but through God’s grace, he admitted that he truly blessed to have a Stepmother whom he is truly indebted to, for being an God sent Angel in his life and keeping their family together since time his father remarried in 1995.


He decided to focus on comedy after unsuccessfully pursuing a career in music. He initially worked as an MC at weddings and church functions while aggressively chasing a bigger platform. He sent his demos to all the radio stations, but none beard fruits. He was physically kicked out from the offices of a popular radio station during one of his attempts to see a radio executive. Eventually, he clinched a job with Milele FM, making him the Youngest Radio Presenter at the age of 19 years. He has established his mark in the comedy business and fans and fellow comedians hail him as a game changer in barely less than half a decade.

Thanks to the time Ofweneke landed a job as a comedian to co-host a show alongside Titi Nagwala at Milele FM where initially was to present in Luhya, Kikuyu, Kamba, Kisii or Luo accent though other comedians were already good with these accents. Nagwala challenged him to come up with something fresh and immediately he turned to Nigerian accent. Titi later introduced the show, saying he had a visitor, called Ofweneke from Nigeria and since then he spoke in Nigerian accent and it has confused listeners till now.