Nasra Yusuf Churchill show Comedian- Biography, Age, Salary, Family, Net Worth.

Nasra Yusuf Ahmed who popularly known as Nasra Yusuf Churchill show Comedian also known as Nazz is an aspiring comedian. During her free time, she enjoys reading novels, watching motivational speeches and also playing with kids. She loves having her favorite Meal, Ugali and Sukuma that is she can have it two to three times a week. Nazz hilariously fantasizes about her wedding day every single day.

She chose to venture into comedy since she believes she has a talent and her hope is to inspire others. In her journey in comedy, she started with Ultimate Comic and it has been the best experience in her life. She met up with random people in town and they would stop her and say that they are with her till the end and she was just left speechless. Nazz’s most memorable moment was when Churchill introduced her on stage before a performance, it was such a dream come true and Nasra hoped to win the competition, another dream. If she was to win the competition, she would have been the one to represent Kenya on international platforms as the best female version of Trevor Noah, who is her comedy icon alongside Ellen DeGeneres, Mammito and YY, this was her future plans.

She continued gaining inspiration from her parents who went through struggles just to make sure that they had an upright upbringing, despite her father not knowing that she is a comedian.


Nasra Yusuf Churchill show Comedian was born in 1995

Nasra Yusuf Churchill show Comedian


Little is known about her, just like any other female comedians especially what she earns after a thrilling performance. It can now be revealed that Nasra used to earn up to Ksh 50,000 per show. In an interview with a local Somali radio, she revealed that she is paid per show, a fact that now it is her means of generating income, it is a must for her to appear on the stage.

She further disclosed that they are never paid on monthly basis but per show performed live on stage. Therefore she must perform to be paid as much as Ksh 50,000 on a good day. She however also said that one must be willing and ready to go through hard times before finally reaching the top. She said that comedy is thrilling but one should have to go through ‘hell’ before shining. Nasra revealed in the radio interview that one has to research a lot to be relevant and this determines whether you will perform on stage or not.

Net Worth

From the previous years, her net worth was estimated to be $100,000 – $1 Million and $1 Million – $5 Million in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, her net worth is yet to be revealed.