Ex-Classic FM’s CIKU MUIRURI reveals the S£X scandal that cost her a job.

Former Classic 105 presenter, Ciku Muiruri, has revealed that she was sacked once from one of the local media stations after she exposed a s3x scandal involving a Director of a local company and his clandestine lover.

Apparently, the Director was a board member of the media station she was working for and after being summoned by her boss and warned against publishing stories involving “loved ones” of board members, she ran another juicy story touching on another board member and was shown the door.

Ciku claims that after being sacked, she didn’t take to social media to whine about her sacking and she is now advising embattled former Daily Nation Editor, Dennis Galava, who was sacked after publishing an editorial criticising President Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership, to stop complaining about his former employers on social media because this is doing more harm to him.

The former Classic FM Presenter advised Galava that the best thing to do is to accept and move on.

This is what Ciku posted as she revealed the s3x scandal that cost her a job.

I was fired from a certain media house back in the day for allowing pictures of a owner/director’s girlfriend to be published in my role as editor. First came an advisory (from the Chairman of the group, no less!!!) against publishing stories about “loved ones” of board members (clande or otherwise). I ‘Galava-d’ and went ahead and run yet another set of pictures. It was such a juicy story, I couldn’t resist… They showed me the door, albeit with full severance pay because you can’t fire someone for publishing relevant pictures to the job I was contracted to do. You’ve never seen me complaining about it though… Ha ha. And you never will. It was their media house, their policies, their pu**y I was interfering with. It’s the same thing with Denis Galava. He could not resist publishing what he felt was right, the hell with the consequences.
In my next job, superiors jokingly asked if I was going to expose directors there too. We laughed but I know they were really saying… “Hey, don’t try that shit here!”
I guess that’s what inspired me to create ‘Busted.’ It gave me the freedom to expose big wigs without naming them smile emoticon But still, despite no one expressly telling me not to, I never Busted a director/board member/boss again…
Free advice? Either quietly sue them for wrongful dismissal (If you feel you have grounds, I personally believe you have none). Or, laugh it off, move on and resist the need to constantly play this out on social media. You are tweeting about it to what end? ‪#‎KOT won’t help you pay your bills. Plus, you scare away potential employers who have no interest in hiring a renegade. You don’t shit where you eat. Your final option is to start your own media house where, for sure, you will one day also fire someone for going against your policies or worse, interfering with your pu**y. It will happen. Life has an awesome sense of humour.