Shocking revelations about El Adde attack by AL SHABAAB that even KDF never told you

As Kenyans continue to piece together events from last Friday’s deadly attack on a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) camp by Al Shabaab terrorists which left several soldiers dead, scores injured and dozens captured by the enemy, new details have emerged about who exactly may have betrayed our soldiers to terrorists.

According to a chronological account from KDF that was shared by award-winning NTV investigative journalist, Dennis Okari, our soldiers may have been betrayed to Al Shabaab terrorists by locals after they were seen on Friday afternoon being congratulated by the militants for their assistance in bringing down KDF that day.

“Friday afternoon, Al-Shabaab are seen in the area thanking residents for *assistance,” said Okari.

He noted that the same locals also helped the militants smoke out KDF soldiers who had survived the attack and were hiding in the nearby village.

“At 1400hrs, Al Shabaab retreat to surrounding area & town to look for more KDF soldiers who may have survived,” he added

At the same time, Okari revealed that the militants may have been helped by terrorists from abroad because many of the suicide bombers who blew themselves up killing the KDF soldiers were not Somalis but foreigners and a good number from the suspected Jeshi la Ayman.

“Many of the suicide attackers are foreigners. A good number from suspected Jeshi la Ayman,” he said.

During a press briefing yesterday, Chief of Defence Forces, General Samson Mwathethe, never disclosed such information to suggest local residents helped Al Shabaab to attack KDF or that there were foreign elements among the attackers.

If you missed Dennis Okari’s posts, see the full account below

1. Two weeks before attack, KDF receive intelligence reports of fighters at Jamame & Jilib Somalia.

2. All KDF camps both in Somalia & Kenya upgrade alert status after Intelligence information.

3. At 4am first VBIED Land Cruiser detonates from the SNA side lying next to KDF camp from the eastern side.

4. THE VBIED is followed by an APC looted from AS previous attack on Burundi & Uganda bases last year.

5. The APC has 15 suicide bombers on board. They disembark running towards KDF trenches and detonate themselves.

6. The second VBIED makes its way through KDF eastern side, driving very fast. This one has a machine gun mounted on top.

7. The second VBIED detonates at the first line of KDF defence. It is followed by two land cruisers fitted with machine guns.

8. The 2 land cruisers each carrying 15-20 suicide attackers carrying rifles fire at KDF positions before blowing themselves.

9. The third wave of terrorists are followed by a UD lorry making its way inside KDF camp with 70-100 terrorists disembarking

10. Some of the 70-100 terrorists fire at KDF, others pick their injured and dead loading them into the UD lorry.

11. At this time KDF kills between 65-76 AS during their one hour engagement.

12. One hour into the fighting (5am) a group of more than 100 AS militants arrive on foot. They start looting the KDF base.

13. Two platoons of KDF continue holding ground on the Western defence. The first air support arrives at daybreak.

14. Many of the suicide attackers are foreigners. A good number from suspected Jeshi la Ayman.

15. Between 6am & 2pm, fighting continues as 3 events take place. 1) Looting 2) Fighting 3) AS taking their bodies.

15. At 1400hrs, AS retreat to surrounding area & town to look for more KDF soldiers who may have survived.

16. Friday afternoon, AS are seen in the area thanking residents for *assistance.

17. At 6:30am a report on the attack is received at HQ.

18. There is no communication to the camp because of massive destruction by the VBIED as KDF deploy surveillance assets.

DAY 1- KDF troops are mobilised from Mandera, Elwak & Wajir. Air support engages AS convoys carrying their loot.

DAY 1- KDF now engage in re-org as they move in to rescue soldiers. Air surveillance continues for the next 24 hours.

DAY 2 – KDF special forces advance from Damasa to Elade with AS resistance.

DAY 2 – Follow on Telecommunications Prioritisation System – Armour constituted as aerial surveillance continues.

DAY 2 – KDF hit AS hideout in El Gadud, 30km East of Elade, where they brought ammo & equipment taken during attack.

DAY 2 – KDF ground troops are deployed on a search, rescue and recovery ops.

DAY 3 – Injured KDF are airlifted to Nairobi.

DAY 3 – Maalim Janow – Leader of Abu Zubeir brigade is killed. He is believed to have led the attack. Two more camps bombed.

DAY 3 – KDF advance with resistance from AS. Aerial search, rescue & evacuation of soldiers continue.

DAY 4 – First fallen heroes are flown to Nairobi. SRR continues.

DAY 5 – KDF ground troops and special forces take control of EL ADE camp. Mopping up commences.