EXPOSED: What SONKO’s father did that is haunting him in his grave! UHURU was ashamed

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi has declared war against Mombasa Women Representative, Mishi Juma Mboko, for disrespecting his late father by exposing his dark past after she accused Sonko’s late father, Gideon Mbuvi Kivanguli, of grabbing land in Mombasa.

Speaking on Saturday during the issuance of Waitiki Farm title deeds in Mombasa in the presence of President Uhuru Kenyatta, Mboko claimed that Sonko’s late father, Gideon Mbuvi Kivanguli, could have been involved in the land controversies in Mombasa.

Mboko’s revelation did not go down well with the Nairobi Senator who vowed that he will not rest until she is thrown out of office.

Sonko pledged a whopping Sh 2 million towards a funds drive for Likoni women to ensure Ms. Mboko is not re-elected back to office in 2017.

“From today, I will camp in Likoni to make sure that Mishi does not win any seat here or in Mombasa County,” said Sonko.

Likoni MP, Masoud Mwahima, also pledged Sh 1 million towards the same plot to oust Mboko from her office in the next election.