SHOCK: The man JUMA banned from attending his burial-He’ll vanish from coffin if he attends

SHOCK: The man JUMA banned from attending his burial-He’ll vanish from coffin if he attends

Jacob Juma burial. It is no doubt that controversial city businessman, the late Jacob Juma, provided all the possible leads of his would be killers before they assassinated him.

In his posts on social media, Juma adversely mentioned Deputy President William Ruto among other Government officials of planning his assassination.

He claimed that the DP wanted him dead and was planning to use a special police-trained hid squad, the same hit squad that assassinated former Kabete MP, George Muchai, and ICC witness, Meshak Yebei, to exterminate him.

Juma hated William Ruto so much that he would rather he never attended his funeral if he finally killed him.

In one of his controversial tweets, Jacob Juma expressed his deep hatred for the DP and warned him never to attend his burial if he dies ahead of him, saying he would vanish from the coffin or set it ablaze if Ruto attended his funeral.
Juma also vowed never to attend Ruto’s funeral if the DP dies ahead of him.

Jacob Juma burial

Jacob Juma’s burial will be at his home in Bungoma County on Saturday May 14th.Jacob Juma burial

The funeral is being co-ordinated by the Cord secretariat in Nairobi

Official Funeral Programme:

– Requiem Mass at the All Saints Cathedral – 10:00am

– Public viewing of the body at (Uhuru Park Nairobi) – 12:00 noon…

This will be attended by CORD Principals and leaders.

The body will then be taken to his Karen Home for a night vigil

– Departure for Kakamega Airstrip – 9:00am

– Public viewing (Masinde Muliro Gardens) – 10:00am

– At 1130Hrs, the body will be flown to Bungoma and arrive at 1200Hrs

– Public viewing (Kanduyi Stadium Bungoma) – 12:00pm

The body will then be driven to the late Juma’s family home in Mungore village, Khasoko area of Bumula Constituency.

The body will lie in state at his home on Friday night.